Our Approach


The Urban Peace Institute believes violence is a symptom of many risk factors. Gang violence can result from living in a poor neighborhood, attending a low performing school, exposure to child abuse or neglect, or facing widespread social inequities. We believe there are ten root conditions that can lead to community violence.


10 Root Causes Of Community-Level Violence

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The Urban Peace Institute makes communities safe enough for children to learn, families to thrive, and neighborhoods to prosper.
— Susan Lee, Co-Founder

To create safer communities, UPI applies a public health approach to address the root cause of violence. Our public health approach rejects traditional suppression-only policing strategies that fail to address the underlying community conditions leading to gang violence. Instead, we advocate for a comprehensive violence reduction strategy to ensure law enforcement, local government and community members work together to promote health and safety. 


Our Guiding Principles

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Five Key Elements To Community Violence Reduction

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