The Urban Peace Institute regularly produces policy research and best practice publications. Prior to our organization’s expansion in 2015, our work was produced through the Urban Peace program as part of Advancement Project. We have also included evaluations highlighting the effectiveness of our community violence reduction strategy.


wic 236 "pre-probation' supervision of youth of color with no prior court or probation involvement

This report examines the Probation Department’s services for at-risk youth considered under voluntary probation and the potential risk in providing services to this young population.



GRYD Intervention Incident Response & Gang Crime 2017 Evaluation

This evaluation uncovered the effectiveness of Los Angeles’ engagement of gang intervention workers to reduce retaliatory violence. UPI is a key training partner for both law enforcement and gang intervention workers promoting safety in Los Angeles.



Report for the President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing, Relationship-Based Policing: Achieving Safety in Watts

UPI prepared a report highlighting effective relationship-based policing strategies used to improve safety in Watts. Our best practices were used to inform the President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Policing.



The Los Angeles Juvenile Probation Outcomes Study

Our study exams how to best coordinate services for probation involved youth through improved data collection and sharing.



Community SAfety: A Building Block for Healthy Communities

In partnership with the Prevention Institute, UPI highlights effective strategies that the California Endowment has used to safer communities a reality.



Beyond Confrontation: Community-Centered Policing Tools

In 2014-2015, UPI produced a series of briefs highlighting strategies to improve police and community relations with PolicyLink including:

o   Limiting Police Use of Force: Promising Community-Centered Strategies

o   Engaging Communities as Partners: Strategies for Problem Solving

o   Turning Back the Tide: Promising Efforts to Demilitarize Police Departments

o   Values, Leadership, and Sustainability: Institutionalizing Community-Centered Policing



A Call To ACtion: Los Angeles' Quest To Achieve Community Safety

This report highlights progress Los Angeles has made towards keeping kids safe in the worst gang zones.



Comprehensive Violence Reduction Strategy (CVRS): A Framework for Implementing the CVRS in your Neighborhood

This tool is designed to help communities, public sector agencies, service providers, and entities that provide technical assistance to strengthen their efforts to achieve community safety.



Community Safety Scorecard: City of Los Angeles 2011

In collaboration with the Violence Prevention Coalition (VPC), UPI measured public safety inequity among Los Angeles communities and highlighted areas in need of increased safety resources.



A Call To Action

Our groundbreaking report presenting innovative reforms to Los Angeles’ approach to combat gang violence.