Safe And Healthy Communities


UPI creates safe and healthy communities by developing tailored solutions for neighborhoods effected by violence. At the core of our efforts, we promote relationship based policing to improve law enforcement and community interactions. We then engage in policy and systems change efforts to bring our work to scale and ensure lasting change.



Safe Routes To School

UPI believes it is essential for students to be able to walk to school without being threatened by gangs. In Watts and South LA, UPI is leading the way to develop partnerships between community leaders, school administrators and law enforcement to ensure students feel safe while traveling to and from school. Learn more about our work in Watts to establish a collaborative Safe Routes to School initiative.


Community Safety Partnership

UPI leads a regional safety effort in Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights known as the Community Safety Partnership (CSP). This initiative builds trust between residents and law enforcement by stationing officers in long-term assignments in seven underserved public housing communities and one neighborhood in Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights. Through CSP, we train law enforcement on effective relationship based policing practices, lead a Latino Leadership Institute, and guide a community safety collaborative to ensure residents can lead safety strategies. 

As a result of our efforts, violent crime in Watts has now decreased by more than 70% in the housing developments, and youth arrests have been cut in half. Moreover, the Jordan Downs housing development did not experience a homicide during the first two years of the program.  Learn more about CSP’s recent expansion into the Harvard Park neighborhood.



Relationship-Based Policing

Relationship Based Policing ensures collaboration between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.  When police view residents as partners, communities see police as a resource they rely on, instead of fear. When Relationship Based Policing is applied effectively, police are safer and residents are safer. Learn more about how we train law enforcement agencies to apply Relationship Based Policing and the impact of our efforts to reduce violence.



Regional Safety Strategies

UPI works in Los Angeles, as well as with communities across the country to develop and implement tailored approaches to reduce violence. Our initiatives include building leadership capacity for underserved community members through our Latino Leadership Institute, developing Safe Routes to School for students effected by gang violence, training community workers to become gang ambassadors, and strengthening gang intervention and prevention services. In Los Angeles, our work also includes connecting efforts between City and County services to maximize the impact of violence reduction efforts.



The Community Safety Partnership decreased crime by 50% in three Watts housing developments.