Promoting Safety In Underserved Neighborhoods


UPI develops and implements policy and systems solutions to reduce violence, achieve safety and improve community health.


Urban Peace Academy

The Urban Peace Academy develops teams of trained professionals working to prevent and reduce violence. Our rigorous instruction program develops teams of peacemakers that can effectively address gang-related violence. The UPA also presents effective strategies for forming relationships and trust between residents and officers to ensure neighborhood safety. This work has never been more important, as recent events highlight the need to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color.

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Safe and Healthy Communities

UPI creates safe and healthy communities by developing tailored solutions for neighborhoods effected by violence. At the core of our efforts, we promote relationship based policing to improve law enforcement and community interactions. We then engage in policy and systems change efforts to bring our work to scale and ensure lasting change.

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Smart Justice

UPI works to reduce violence and promote community health and healing through smart justice policy solutions that empower communities, transform policies, and promote individual transformation. We advocate to reform the overly punitive criminal and juvenile justice systems, as well as the CalGang database and the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

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Technical Assistance

While UPI’s maintains a strong focus on ensuring safety in Los Angeles, the organization also supports cities across the country to implement violence reduction strategies. UPI provides technical assistance to municipalities, law enforcement agencies, schools, and foundations working to improve safety in communities. Since 2011, UPI has supported over 20 cities across the country in implementing community safety solutions and training local law enforcement.

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Working Collaboratively to Reduce Violence

We help stabilize communities by initiating and supporting a healthy partnership between local government, law enforcement, and the community.


Dedicated to change.

Since 2011, Urban Peace Institute has supported numerous cities across the country in implementing community safety solutions and provided training for gang outreach workers, service providers, law enforcement and public sector leaders.