Where We Work

Since 2011, UPI has supported numerous cities across the country in implementing community safety solutions and training local law enforcement.


Memphis TN 2.JPG

Memphis, TN

UPI trained outreach workers to implement a City-wide violence reduction strategy. We also trained the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff's Department on the role of outreach workers and relationship-based policing strategies.

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Columbus, OH

UPI trained outreach workers to provide services for the City’s summer safety strategy, Cap City Nights, and respond to gang-related incidents to prevent retaliation.


Long Beach, CA

UPI trained gang intervention and youth workers to support summer safety efforts through the Long Beach Summer Night Lights and Be Safe program. We also trained the Long Beach Police Department on summer safety strategies and relationship-based policing approaches to support City-wide efforts to increase public safety.


Gilroy/Morgan Hill, CA

UPI conducted an executive-level training for school administrators, police chiefs, city officials, and other leaders on violence reduction efforts. Our training focused on creating a comprehensive violence reduction strategy and specific gang outreach practices to increase public safety.


Jackson, MS

UPI conducted a Community Violence Assessment through a series of interviews and focus groups with various sectors involved in public safety efforts. UPI then made a series of recommendations to increase community safety.


Oxnard, CA

UPI conducted gang intervention trainings for agencies providing services to gang-involved populations to help reduce violence.

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Los Angeles, CA

Our comprehensive violence reduction strategy and programs are based in Los Angeles. Learn more about our impact in the region.


New York SNUG Sites

UPI presented on our Comprehensive Violence Reduction Strategy and provided technical support through a series of site visits to Los Angeles.

Oakland .jpg

Oakland, CA

Partnering with Oakland Unite, UPI trained outreach workers and violence interrupters on violence reduction strategies utilizing best practices from around the country. UPI also partnered with Urban Institute and Oakland Police Department to research, develop and implement improved homicide scene response protocols utilizing procedural justice principles.

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Chicago, IL

UPI rained outreach workers to implement violence reduction services in the East West and South Side.  In collaboration with Communities Partnering for Peace and the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, UPI led a 40-hour training to prepare workers to engage Chicago’s most violence-impacted communities.

Sacramento .jpeg

Sacramento, CA

UPI partnered with the Mayor’s Gang Prevention & Intervention Task Force to train community stakeholders and outreach workers on implementing violence reduction strategies utilizing a public health approach. UPI also partnered with The California Endowment, Sierra Health Foundation, and Sacramento’s Gang Prevention & Intervention Task Force to train community stakeholders and leaders on crisis response protocols to increase community safety.   


Santa Ana, CA

UPI conducted a Policing the Teen Brain training to enhance school and law enforcement understanding of adolescent development. We also completed a needs assessment to determine relevant training topics to create an improved school safety policing model.


Fresno, CA

UPI trained outreach workers to deliver intervention services focused on reducing retaliatory violence and servicing the gang-involved population. We then presented to Fresno Police Department command staff on best practices in violence reduction efforts and relationship-based policing efforts.