Urban Peace Academy


The Urban Peace Academy develops teams of trained professionals working to prevent and reduce violence. Our rigorous instruction program develops teams of peacemakers that can effectively address gang-related violence. The Urban Peace Academy also presents effective strategies for forming relationships and trust between residents and officers to ensure neighborhood safety. This work has never been more important, as recent events highlight the need to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color.



Gang Intervention Training

The Urban Peace Academy provides specialized training for gang intervention workers across the country. Our courses present effective strategies for guiding outreach to gang members and their families, deescalating violence, and brokering peace between rival gangs.  As the only program of its kind in the nation, the Urban Peace Academy works to professionalize the growing field of gang intervention by developing pathways for further education and employment.  Learn more about our success in Los Angeles.



Law Enforcement Training

We train law enforcement officers to put relationship-based policing into action.  Officers learn how to develop authentic relationships with community members and partner establish “professional understandings” with gang intervention workers to promote safety. Participants graduate from our courses with a new understanding on how to best reduce violence in the communities they serve.  Learn more about the Urban Peace Academy’s unique trainings for public stakeholders through our Technical Assistance programs.



Community Leadership

The Urban Peace Academy increases the capacity of community members to advocate for safety and health in their communities. Our leadership training includes specialized courses to uplift the voices of immigrant residents and underserved community members. Learn more about how graduates of our programs are now successfully leading safety efforts in Watts.



Summer Safety Strategies

The Urban Peace Institute Academy trains intervention workers to provide gang prevention and community building activities as parks stay open late in the summer months throughout Los Angeles. Our training efforts support the Summer Night Lights initiative to transform neighborhoods parks from dangerous destinations into valuable community assets where families can enjoy meals, sports, and family friendly activities throughout the summer. UPI also works with regions across the country to implement effective summer strategies to reduce gang violence. Learn more about our Technical Assistance programs.



3,500 gang intervention, law enforcement officers and community residents have been trained to collaboratively promote safety.